Atlas Boiler & Equipment Co. hires the most qualified and talented commercial boiler service technicians and field personnel in the industry. Our boiler expert teams develop long-term relationships with our customers across every trade and field. We deliver customized boiler solutions to maximize efficiency and savings for all of our partners.

For over 30 years we have been helping local businesses with their heating solutions, from local breweries to old paper mills we are your trusted source for heating system replacements, installations, and sales.

Chemical Processing

Agrochemical / Petrochemical


General Manufacturing

Construction Companies / Aviation Manufacturers / Plastic Manufacturers / Metal Manufacturers


Power Producers

Telecommunications / Utilities


Commercial Facilities

Real Estate Companies / Hotels / Retail / Laundry / Schools & Universities / Department of Corrections Facilities


Mining & Mineral

Coal Mining / Mineral Mining Companies


Pulp & Paper

Manufacturers of Wood & Pulp 


Food & Beverage

Food Processing Plants / Restaurants / Wineries & Distilleries


Oil & Gas

Petrol Companies/ Natural Gas Companies / Gas Stations


Airports / Railway Companies / Marine Operations


Spokane Location

3815 E. Trent Avenue, Spokane, WA 99202

(509) 535-1300

Tri-Cities Boiler Services

Kennewick / Pasco / Richland

(509) 535-1300

Montana Boiler Services

Missoula / Western Montana

(406) 541-1300

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